Building Successful Teams

Short Program

1 Day

Australia, UK

TranExec Accreditation

Building Successful Teams requires the leader to analyse and reflect on the current state of their team and their future aspirations . In this workshop, leaders will be challenged to astutely assess their team’s effectiveness through recognising the difference between dysfunctional, functional and elite teams. The workshop focuses on the 4 pillars of successful teams by establishing the significance of having critical conversations with team members and set the stage for constructive, balanced feedback.

Value Drivers

  • Opens up opportunities for self-evaluation to better understand an individual’s perception of successful teams
  • Provides a deeper analysis of where the team stands in the current reality, with conclusion providing a tangible action plan for moving forward
  • Gain applicable tools and skills in order to augment team performance

Participant Profile

  • Low to senior leaders/managers with at least 3 years of people management experience
  • Leaders/Managers leading local and/or virtual teams
  • Leaders with small (min 3) or large teams

Benefits to the Leader

  • Understanding the workings of high performing teams
  • Ability to develop and move the team from current state to desired outcomes
  • Capability to coach and develop individual team members
  • Reduced communication barriers and increased transparency
  • Greater proficiency in providing constructive and balance feedback
  • Ability to clearly manage and communicate expectations

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Focussed leaders better equipped at leading their teams towards organisational outcomes
  • Employees driven towards increased team performance