The TranExec leadership programs

TranExec’s suite of leadership programs unlock leadership potential through transformational learning and useful techniques, culminating in tangible results for leaders, their people and the overall organisation. Designed to be challenging, rewarding and practical, our programs deliver best practice leadership, coaching and mentoring skills to leaders at all levels, and their teams.

Value Drivers

  • Bespoke, tailored approach to address personal/organisational leadership challenges
  • Experiential and immersive learning techniques to ensure sustainability and long term embedment
  • Shared learnings and insights with exposure to the challenges of contemporary leadership
  • Connecting effective leadership with increased employee engagement leading to productivity and results

Participant Profile

  • Leaders from a variety of industries/sectors
  • Leaders at all levels of the organisation
  • Leaders who work globally and/or with virtual teams
  • Leaders who want to stand out and gain leadership edge
  • Executives and board members

Benefits to the Leader

  • Discover personal leadership style and address opportunities with fresh insights
  • Gain greater self awareness and awareness of others through Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Explore and apply new leadership frameworks and approaches in order to better influence
  • Develop a unique leadership style which will mobilise people to benefit the organisation

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Transformed leadership capabilities throughout the organisation
  • Attract and retain quality talent through investment in High Potential employees
  • Increase employee enegagement and overall retention
  • Develop a culture of innovation that flourishes on thought diversity
  • ROI by cascading learnings within the organisation
  • Discover and develop frameworks to enhance organisational impact
  • Leaders with enhanced strategic focus

Our programs capture the essence of the ever-changing dynamics of leadership today. Immaculately designed for organisations that value their people as a constantly growing resource, and appreciate the need for effective and strong leadership.

Our Leadership Programs

Organisational / Executive Coaching

Individual and confidential – Exploratory and exploitive conversations – only useful when the leader is open and prepared to work diligently and equally on both their strengths and opportunities to venture into new horizons – coaching will straddle both self-awareness and self-regulation leading to better fit and greater performance.

Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring is an exclusive program comprised of a series of tailored conversations with an experienced leadership mentor. Through face to face or virtual interactive sessions, mentees will gain knowledge, guidance and wisdom from mentors with senior corporate leadership backgrounds.

360 Degree Assessment

The 360-degree Assessment program is a bespoke and supportively confronting process that places the colleagues and the reporting team’s feedback in the middle of the leader’s agenda – it is simple, practical, positive, sustainable and transformational.

Coaching for Mentors

As market leaders in Organisational and Executive Coaching, we have mastered the art of accelerating people’s potential in today’s organisations. We have co-created with thousands of leaders the capacity to lead with certainty and confidence.

Team Development

Our Team Development workshop has been specifically crafted to drive results and improve performance by encouraging collaboration in workplace towards the achievement of common goals. The workshop brings awareness regarding the complexities of communication within the team and the organisation and offers practical solutions challenging team members to step out of their comfort zone and…

Acquire Leadership

Acquire Leadership is a training program specifically designed for emerging leaders transitioning from management roles into leadership roles. The participants will gain knowledge, theories and practicalities of current leadership tools. The program draws from cutting edge data on what it takes to succeed in a leadership role from global businesses and TranExec’s own research and tools.

Transitioning Leader

The Transitioning Leader program has been designed to take leaders through a process of self exploration and insight culminating in the aquisition of contemporary leadership approaches and coaching tools. The program is divided into three one day workshops spread across 4-6 months to ensure continuous embedment of learnings and reassessing progress both at workshops and in the workplace.

Leading with an Edge

Leading with an Edge is designed for The Transitioning Leader graduates or seasoned senior leaders who are ready to polish and sharpen their authentic leadership and presence.

Building Successful Teams

Building Successful Teams requires the leader to analyse and reflect on the current state of their team and their future aspirations . In this workshop, leaders will be challenged to astutely assess their team’s effectiveness through recognising the difference between dysfunctional, functional and elite teams.

Shadow Coaching

Shadow Coaching is an intense coaching program that equips leaders in real time to explore legitimate yet competing perspectives in a VUCA environment. Participants explore ways to advance on multiple fronts making important relationships work better.

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