Challenging support for you as the custodian of your organisation

Executive Coaching

Individual and confidential – Exploratory and exploitive conversations – only useful when the leader is open and prepared to work diligently and equally on both their strengths and opportunities to venture into new horizons – will straddle both self-awareness and self-regulation leading to better fit and greater performance.

Organisational Coach Accreditation

TranExec Organisational Coach Accreditation is a culmination of teaching the craft of meta coaching skills to senior Executives, Leaders and Managers in multiple global markets over the last 10 years. Immersed in an experiential learning environment the opportunity to become a fully accredited Coach in today’s complex organisational environment is a true competitive advantage for the progressive leader.

Team Day

Relevant for both large and small teams who over the course of a half-day candidly navigate through discussion the strengths and weaknesses of the operating landscape designing a charter for future alignment cohesion and execution –the process critically simplifying accountability and exposing artificial harmony.


Through a series of mentoring sessions by a senior executive corporate coach, leaders are exposed to the synchronicity of challenge and solution. Vexing situations are deconstructed, engineering discovery of a better outcome for both the leader and the organisation.

Group Coaching

Typically 12-15 leaders working together for 6 months on the subtleties of their individual leadership- recognising the pitfalls and distortions, understanding the impact of poor choices and building sharp and superior leadership approaches that are sustainable.

360 Degree Feedback

Bespoke and supportively confronting process that places the colleagues and the reporting team’s feedback in the middle of the leader’s agenda – it is simple, practical, positive and transformational.

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