Shadow Coaching

Commitment:As per client’s brief

Duration: As required

Australia, India, UK

TranExec Accreditation

Shadow Coaching is an intense coaching program that equips leaders in real time to explore legitimate yet competing perspectives in a VUCA environment. Participants explore ways to advance on multiple fronts making important relationships work better.

Value Drivers

  • Organisational coaches shadow clients in their general daily activities and/or observe specific requests such as presentations and team-building
  • Participants receive in the moment insights on behaviour, approach and impact and are able to reflect and improve
  • Follow up one to one coaching to sement learning and create actions

Participant Profile

  • Senior Managers or leaders with a minimum of 8 years’ leadership experience
  • Senior managers/ leaders who require deeper understanding following 360 Feedback delivery or coaching session

Benefits to the Leader

  • Heightened self-awareness in real time
  • Empowered leadership
  • Actionable outcomes through timely feedback
  • Personal growth
  • Increased influence
  • Self actualisation

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Empowered and confident leaders
  • Augmented leadership prowess
  • Accountability and personal ownership of development
  • Increased engagement and motivation