360 Degree Assessment

Commitment:As per client’s brief

3 Days

Australia, India, UK

TranExec Accreditation

The 360-degree Assessment program is a bespoke and supportively confronting process that places the colleagues and the reporting team’s feedback in the middle of the leader’s agenda – it is simple, practical, positive, sustainable and transformational.

Value Drivers

  • Feedback delivered face to face by an Organisational coach in order to facilitate learning and reflection
  • Results demonstrated through visual quantitative analysis and qualitative data
  • Feedback collated anonymously and under strict confidentiality
  • Participant is held accountable and coached to present professional learnings and commitments to their colleagues and direct reports

Participant Profile

  • Mid to Senior leaders and executives through to c-suite keen to gain insight into their leadership impact

Benefits to the Leader

  • Deepen self awareness
  • Understand current leadership impact on others
  • Maximise leadership impact in future
  • Leverage on signature strengths understand opportunities in order to bridge the gap

Benefits to the Organisation

  • A cohort of self aware and influencial leaders
  • Elevation of leadership impact on people and the organisation
  • Augment decision making and collaboration